Домой Новости Woman With Giant Belly Stunned When Doctors Discover What’s Growing Inside Of Her

Woman With Giant Belly Stunned When Doctors Discover What’s Growing Inside Of Her

Woman With Giant Belly Stunned When Doctors Discover What’s Growing Inside Of Her

Note: we are republishing this story which originally made the news in November 2018.

A woman has shared her extraordinary journey of having a massive ovarian cyst surgically removed after doctors initially insisted she must be pregnant. Keely Favell, a resident of Swansea, recounted the incredible tale of losing a third of her body weight following the surgery to eliminate the enormous growth. Her struggle began in 2014 when she noticed weight gain, but it wasn’t until 2016, when she fainted at work, that she sought medical attention.

Despite undergoing multiple inconclusive blood tests, one general practitioner astonishingly concluded that Favell must be pregnant, as anyone observing her would assume she was nine months along. This erroneous diagnosis led her to be referred for a pregnancy ultrasound at a local hospital. However, the ultrasound quickly turned into an emergency CT scan, revealing the presence of a massive ovarian mass.

Favell’s case took a critical turn when she was referred to a high-risk obstetrics consultant, who emphasized the urgency of surgery. The consultant informed her that four weeks later, she would undergo a procedure reminiscent of an old-fashioned C-section, being «cut open from my chest bone all the way down to my pelvic bone.»

March of the previous year marked a turning point in Favell’s life as she underwent a grueling four-hour surgery at Singleton Hospital in Swansea to remove the cyst. She affectionately dubbed the mass «Mr Whippy» following the procedure. Astonishingly, just four days later, she was discharged from the hospital. She expressed gratitude for her smooth recovery, acknowledging a few minor setbacks that she continues to address. Overall, Favell emphasized that she is now in far better health, both physically and mentally, than she was before the surgery.

In an interview with the BBC, Favell revealed that the cyst’s growth was so gradual initially that she dismissed any concerns. She and her partner, Jamie Gibbins, who have been together for a decade, had contemplated the possibility of pregnancy but consistently received negative results from home tests. Faced with the discomfort of explaining her non-pregnant status to others, Favell made the decision to play along with well-wishers who inquired about her due date, highlighting the awkwardness of the situation.

This incredible saga serves as a stark reminder of the importance of accurate and timely medical diagnoses. Keely Favell’s battle with an enormous ovarian cyst underscores the necessity for thorough investigations and careful healthcare practices. Her remarkable journey, filled with unexpected twists and turns, serves as a testament to the strength and resilience of the human spirit in the face of medical challenges.